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Type DFH

Type DFH


The agitators of the DFH series are used for intensive mixing and dissolving processes with low to medium viscosity liquids. They are distinguished by their compact construction, high efficiency and high durability during daily use. The reinforced motor bearings permit shaft lengths of up to 2200mm.
Advantages: ease of use, low running costs, maximum reliability


The drive is a high efficiency IEC squirrel cage motor with a hollow shaft and reinforced bearings. It has a voltage of 400V, 50Hz, protection rating IP55 and insulation class F as standard. We can produce customised models. The reinforced motor bearings have life-time lubrication and thus require no maintenance.


The mixer shaft is inserted into the hollow shaft of the motor and attached by means of a milled cone-shaped taper fit. The shaft is secured axially by means of a tension bolt. It is supplied in V4A (CrNiMo stainless steel) as standard. Other models:

  • Sheathed with St/PP or PVDF
  • St/coated with hard rubber
  • Coated with ECTFE

Shaft lengths of up to 2200mm are possible.


All mixing impellers are built using type PJ propellers as standard. Other models are possible, depending on the mixing task. The possible models are: V4A (CrNiMo stainless steel), PP, PVDF, coated with hard rubber or ECTFE.

  • pole-changing
  • PTC sensor
  • Variable frequency drive on junction box
  • Sealing flange with shaft seal
  • Lantern ring with mechanical end face seal or stuffing box packing