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For almost all TURBO-Mixers, we offer clamps for attachment to the container wall. The smaller FL1 is sufficient for small agitators of up to approx. 30 kg. The larger FL2 is intended for larger agitators of up to approx. 150 kg. The clamps are distinguished by their compact construction, high efficiency and high durability during daily use.

Using our clamps, the agitator is braced onto the edge of the container by means of a T-handle screw. The tightening span is between 0 – 80 (FL1) or 150mm (FL2).
The flange welded onto the bracket is adjusted to fit the relevant agitator flange. When using our clamps, it is also possible to swing the agitator through up to 90°. The position can be adjusted by means of a T-handle screw.

The entire clamp is supplied in V4A (CrNiMo stainless steel).

Those parts which come into contact with the product can be supplied with a PVDF or a PP coating.